Collier Beach Parking Will Stay Free For Naples Residents

Naples Beach Parking Permit

Naples Beach Parking Permit

A $75.00 beach parking fee for Collier County was presented as an option in the notes of the parks and recreation budget proposal for 2010 but County Commissioners did not support the option so it was officially taken off the table.

“Commissioner Fred Coyle said the board is no where near finished working through all the details of the budget but residents can relax regarding beach parking.”

Beach parking permit fees have come up in the past and even though residents are safe for now the fee may resurface again in the future. “With the down economy commissioners expected more discussion on the issue, which could make beaches self-sustaining.”

An option to raise boat launch fees from $5 to $8 per day was also included in the parks and recreations budget proposal but commissioners needed more information to determine if it was necessary and how much to charge. The final review of the budget will be in August and the boat launch fee will be discussed again.

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