Naples May Have Higher Maximum Tax Rate Next Year

“Naples residents may see some changes on next year’s property tax bill.”  The Naples city manager was given the go-ahead by the City Council to prepare next year’s budget with an increased maximum tax rate. In a comment about the new tax rate, Naples City Manager Bill Moss said,”some folks will pay more, some will pay less, but overall it all evens out and the new tax rate cannot be increased from this point on but it can be reduced should the council see fit.” “The measure would bump the city’s operating millage rate from 1.13 mils to 1.22 mils or a tax of $1.22 per every $1,000 of taxable property.”

The $18 million in tax revenue will generate about $280,000 more than last year. The city attributes the increase to “growth and annexations, new additions or expansion.”

Several members of the Naples City Council expressed concern that the rate was a hidden tax increase even though they pushed the measure. Councilman Gary Price said, “the state says this is not a tax increase but it is.”

“The decision is accompanied by $3.5 million in planned cuts for government expenses, including the elimination of several clerk, police and fire and administrative positions, a restructuring of the current pension plan and wage furloughs”.

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