Best Times to go Shopping in Naples

In Southwest Florida, we are lucky to live in a region that offers world-class shopping. From 5th Avenue and 3rd Street South to the Mercato to Waterside Shops – we have it all! If shopping for the latest in designer wear is your thing, this article gives you the best times to shop and when to get the best deals!

Thursday Evenings. Stores typically reorganize their racks on Thursdays in order to replenish stocks for the weekend rush. Stores also generally mark down items that will be on sale over the weekend on Thursday evenings.

Six Weeks into the Season. If you’re in need of clothing for the current season, try to avoid giving in to the urge to buy all the exciting new arrivals when they’re first in the store. About six or eight weeks after an item arrives, the price is marked down. If you can wait a measly six weeks, you’re likely to get a better a price than if you buy immediately.

End of (or out of) Season. If your clothing size doesn’t change much from year to year, stocking up on clothing at the end of the season is a great way to save money and have a good supply of new clothing available for next year. This works well for many classic or staple items, like suits, pants, jeans or cardigans that aren’t prone to going out of style too quickly. Trendy items may be a riskier purchase, as they tend to become passé after a season or two.

Scout the Sales Online. Many popular clothing retailers allow consumers to subscribe to their newsletters online. Many stores send out advance notice to their subscribers of big sales, or perhaps even allow subscribers to pre-shop at special events. If you get the newsletter, you’ll know when all the promotions are happening at your favorite stores and you will be able to anticipate a markdown on those clothing items you’ve been admiring.

Discount and off-Price Retailers. Not interested in planning your shopping trips according to seasons and sales? Discount and off-price clothing stores can be a great choice. These stores typically buy large volumes of clothing from stores that have excess inventory, are clearing space for new merchandise or have gone out of business.

The Bottom Line

Though these guidelines will definitely get you a deal, also keep in mind that bargains can be found at any time during the year and in every season. It’s just a matter of scoping out the sales and having the courage to battle the crowds.


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