Save Thousands of Dollars in Hurricane Protection

Retrofit Southwest Florida is a non-profit organization that uses grant funding to cover up to 75% of the homeowner’s costs, up to $25,000, for total hurricane protection.  Retrofit starts the process by inspecting your home and determining what is needed to bring it to current hurricane code.  Once they have the plans back from the engineer they sit down with you and give you an idea of the overall cost. From here it is your decision to have the work done at a quarter of the cost it would usually be or opt out of the program.

My wife and I participated in this program with our own home.  I have been so impressed with the process and the outcome that I have decided to share this information with as many people as possibly.  Not only do we now have the peace of mind that we are protected in the event of a hurricane, but we also saved hundreds of dollars in our annual homeowners insurance.  I figure this will pay for itself in a few years, not to mention the boost in resale value.

As a Realtor, I cannot understate the benefits of having hurricane protection. First, you can offer a potential buyer a home where they don’t have to worry about insurance costs being sky high or that they will be dropped at any moment.  Second, they know that their investment will be safe for years to come.  I have seen too many times, the home that offers hurricane protection usually sells faster that a comparable home without.

Below are the links to the Retrofit Southwest Florida brochure and application.  I urge you to submit your application as soon as possible.  They choose their next candidates based on first come, first serve.

Retrofit Southwest Florida Brochure

Retrofit Southwest Florida Application

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