Do You Know What Your Agent is Doing to Sell Your Home?

Dustin Beard's Monthly Marketing Service Report

You should!  A monthly marketing service report complete with everything your listing agent has done to sell your home, as well as an archive of showing times and dates with buyer and buyer’s agent feedback is essential to helping you sell your home faster and for a better price.

My seller’s and I are a team.  They have to know how and where I am marketing their property, how often it is being shown and what the market (potential buyers) are saying about their home.  Without this information, my clients and I cannot make educated adjustments to the pricing and marketing strategy.  For example, I recently had a listing in which more than 80% of the buyer’s feedback was directed toward the clutter and personal items throughout the home.  Since the sellers and I were both privy to the buyer’s feedback and communicating on a regular basis, we were able to remove the unnecessary items, improving the presentation and the home sold the very next month.

I often tailor my communication plan to meet the needs of each individual seller.  At the very least, my clients receive a marketing service report at the end of each month and a phone call in the middle of the month to discuss our progress. To see an example of a monthly marketing service report, please click here Marketing Service Report & Marketing Examples.

If you would like to discuss how my communication and marketing plans will help you sell your home, please call me at (239) 289-2650 for a free consultation.

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