Top Real Estate Agents Should Have a Marketing Action Plan to Review With You Before Listing Your Home.

Marketing Proposal for Listing Naples Real Estate

A Marketing Proposal for Listing Naples' Most Distictive Real Estate

The days of listing a property, entering it into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and waiting for it to sell are long gone!  Today’s top agents must have a proven and well diversified marketing plan that outlines for the seller, just how that agent will market their property and follow through with the plan all the way to closing.

One of the most important pages of my listing presentation is my Marketing Action Plan.  I deliberately take my time reviewing this information with every potential seller.  After all, this is my promise to them that during the time I have their home for sale, I will spend both my time and money marketing their property to the world.

As I discussed in the previous article, The Advantages of a Diversified Marketing Plan in Helping You Sell Your Home, this plan should be both creative and diversified.  A good marketing plan should not have all of its eggs in one basket; nor shall it restrict its scope to just the local area. In nearly ten years of practicing real estate in Naples’ most luxurious markets, I have seen buyers come from every avenue of marketing.  The key is to have a web spread so wide that you capture
many potential buyers, in order to find that one purchaser.

If you would like to review my marketing action plan or discuss the sale of your current residence, please e-mail or call me at (239) 289-2650 for a free consultation.

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