The Importance of Professional Photography in Naples Luxury Real Estate

Generally, the first point of contact a potential buyer will have with your residence is the photos provided by the real estate agent.  What do you want your photos to say about your home?

Gulf Shore Blvd Beach

Gulf Shore Blvd. Walk Way

The importance of having high resolution, professional photographs taken of your home cannot be understated, especially in this highly competitive real estate market where inventory levels are high and sales numbers are relatively flat.  Separating your property from your competitor’s might leave the first impression you need to wow a potential buyer and secure a sale.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in today’s market are real estate agents who only provide six or eight “canned” shots of a property.  When you are selling a residence with many rooms or an exquisit view, it is important to capture every detail of that home. Why leave a potential buyer guessing?  If the views of the sunset are amazing, but the unit photographs better in the middle of the day, schedule two appointments with the photographer.

Park Shore Aerial

Park Shore Tower Aerial

I am privileged to work with one of the best photographers in Naples, Ken Seidenhar with KTP Marketing.  Ken has photographed my properties at all times of the day and evening and I do not restrict him to six or eight photos.  He will take as many high resolution photos as it takes to capture the best features of that home.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case maybe a couple million dollars to my clients!

For a sample of Ken’s work please visit  All photos present in this site were provided by KTP Marketing.

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