The Advantages of a Diversified Marketing Plan in Helping You Sell Your Home

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Buyers will use the following  information sources to assist in their search to find their next home.

Information Source                                 Percent of Respondents
Internet                                                                              90%
Real Estate Agent/(MLS)                                               87%
Yard Sign                                                                          59%
Open House                                                                     46%
Print or Newspaper Advertisement                              40%
Home Book or Magazine                                                26%
Television                                                                           8%
Direct Mail                                                                          2%

Do you know which category the buyer of your home will come from?  The likelihood is a buyer may search the Internet at some point but not all buyers search the Internet.  In fact, there is not one sure way to reach all buyers, which is why it is important to hire an agent with a diversified marketing approach.

I will market your home over multiple platforms, that include the Internet, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Yard Signs, Open Houses, Print and Newspaper Advertising, HomeLook and Magazine Advertising, Television Commercials, and Direct Mail.  Below you will find examples of each:


And of course my blog or information site, which you are viewing at this time,

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – This service allows every real estate professional who is a member of the Naples Area Board of Realtors to view your property.  Included in this program are all the pertinent details of your home, photographs, floor plans, community disclosures, seller disclosures and any other information valuable to the Selling agent.  Different websites, including and, pull information and pictures from this site to automatically populate their property search pages.

Yards Signs – While not always applicable in condominiums, a “for sale” yard sign is a great way to entice drive-by traffic.  I have coupled this sign with a take-one box filled with full color, professionally designed brochures to further advertise the house and increase traffic to Open Houses.

Open House – Typically conducted on Sunday afternoons, an open house is a great way to increase the exposure of your home.  Along with a display ad in the local newspaper and an open house sign, I have had great success selling homes with a well choreographed open house.  Note: not all condominium buildings allow open house or the use of open house signs.

Print and Newspaper AdvertisingThe Naples Daily News, Naples Florida Weekly, The Naples Journal and The Sun Times are a few of the most prominent newspaper advertising avenues.   A display ad or open house ad in these publications can pay great dividends for both the Seller and Realtor.  I have sold a handful of my listings over the years from phone calls off my display ads in these publications.

Homelook and Magazine Advertising – Homelook is a monthly publication of John R. Wood.  It is distributed in the Naples Daily News, the first Sunday of each month and at all John R. Wood locations.  The current distribution numbers are around 100,000 units per month.  Homelook is very powerful publication.  I have received phone calls on properties in this publication months after it was originally printed.  Buyers hang on to this magazine and share it with their friends.

Gulfshore Life Advertisement

Gulfshore Life Advertisement

There are many different magazines in the Naples area.  I choose to advertise in Gulfshore Life.  Currently, I run a half-page advertisement which is featured every month in the real estate section of the magazine.  The average monthly distribution for this publication is approximately, 25,000 units.

Television – The Real Estate Network, Comcast channel 9 is a tremendous avenue to expose your property to potential buyers.  Not only do seasonal visitors to the area, regularly view this channel, additionally, I have found that permanent residents also watch this channel to keep up with the local real estate market.  In one week, your property can be displayed as many as 75 times.  Recently, The Real Estate Network has created a new website, where potential buyers can review the show if they missed their specific home price range.

Direct Mail – One of the best ways to sell real estate in a seasonal market is by word of mouth.  Who better to help spread the word about your property than the people living around you.  These people have friends and family members who are influenced to buy in the same community.  To capitalize on this market, I use a direct mail campaign designed to advertise my listings and offer information sources to home owners.  Below you will find some examples of my direct mail marketing campaign.

Gulf Shore Blvd. Post Card (Front)

Gulf Shore Blvd. Post Card (Back)

Gulf Shore Blvd. Quarterly Newsletter

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