Thinking of Selling Your Naples Home? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Stage Your Home.

Professional photography from one of Dustin's listings

Professional photography from one of Dustin's listings

Buyers have plenty of options in this housing market. So it is not only important but necessary to stage your home, making it look its best.

Here are some staging tips to follow:

1. According to realty industry research nearly 90 percent of home buyers research homes online so screen appeal is very important. Before the photos are taken and posted online your house needs to be staged and looking its best.

2. Curb appeal. A buyer first sees what’s outside your house. Make it look inviting by having freshly cut grass, manicured shrubs, swept sidewalks and a power-washed driveway.

3. Get rid of clutter. Go through every room in your house and decide which belongings you’ll need in the next six months and which you won’t. Get rid of the excess by putting it in the trash or in storage.

4. Put away all personal items such as photos,degrees,etc. Too many reminders of your family may make the buyers feel like they’re invading someone’s home rather than imagining themselves living there.

5. Know your potential buyer. What are the types of people who buy houses in your neighborhood. If it is families with children then keep the bedrooms as bedrooms but if it is singles consider staging one of the bedrooms as an office or home gym.

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