Roffers Real Estate Report: When Will We Hit The Bottom?

Chad Roffers, real estate industry expert would like to offer another perspective to the question,’When will we hit bottom’. He claims it is an irrelevant question. “Right now, the only person who comes out a winner in this environment is the buyer. If you don’t have to sell right now, hold onto your property for the next two to three years. By then the market should have hit its bottom and be on its way back up.”

Roffers has some tips for those who are on the other side and have to sell now. First of all, “it is essential that you have an agent who knows how to navigate the difficult terrain confronting buyers and facilitate a sale. Next, highlight any features and amenities that make your house unique and special. Let buyers know you will accept a fair
market price, and are willing to work with their banks, brokers, etc.,to ensure an easy transaction. Finally, a knowledgeable attorney can structure a contract on the front-end so that there is a smooth and successful outcome.”

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