Buying Real Estate in Naples Florida could mean a longer, healthier life

CNN Rates Naples Florida Number 4 for Best Places for a Long Life

A recent article published on CNN’s website ( rated Naples, Florida number 4, out of 25, for best places for a long life. Life expectancies were rated from 81.31 years to 79.68, placing Naples at 80.97 years young. CNN rated the life expectancy from a trusted analyzer Bert Sperling from The website uses data from people, places of region, and rates them along with consumer expenditure surveys and government agencies like Medicare and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Regions are ranked by amenities offered in the city and surrounding towns, for example hospitals, recreation, and arts.

Naples Beach Front

Naples Beach Front

Collier County, which includes Naples and Golden Gate, is comprised of 80% parks and nature preserves inviting any water related sports or exercise imaginable. Also being the largest county in the state, Collier County offers a wide range of activities for both young and old. Naples offers a great destination for artists with the Von Liebig Center. Located in historic downtown Naples, The Von Liebig center is host to the 5th best art festival in the country, by Sunshine Artists Magazine, and offers programs and exhibitions throughout the year. With over 100 art galleries to peruse throughout the city, there is always something interesting and beautiful to see. Also found in Naples is one of the nation’s top community theaters, Naples Players. Performing weekly at the Sugden Theatre, The Naples Players additionally offer classes for all ages in their two exclusive theaters Blackburn Hall and Tobye Studio. Many of the plays offer audience participation allowing for even the shyest thespian a chance to perform with a top ranked actor’s troupe.

The real estate in Naples has continued to flourish along with everything it has to offer. Growing considerably over the past years and offering more to residents now than ever before. To procure a spot in one of the Nations top ranked best place to live use an agent that is not only familiar with the area, but is a specialist in the finest luxury real estate Naples has to offer. Dustin Beard, of John R. Wood, offers seven years experience with the Naples area. Specializing in all that Naples has to offer, Dustin is a trusted real estate agent and a leading producer in one of our nation’s top ranked cities.

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